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November 30, 2015
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The Kipton Quarry Spring Water

Clean, Pure, and Natural Drinking Water

Clean, Pure, and Natural Drinking Water

Kipton Quarry is not only home to enormous deposits of sandstone and petroleum cores, but also fresh water. During our latest sandstone excavations in Kipton Quarry, our specialists discovered a massive and abundant underground source of spring water that’s been running under our quarry for millennia.

Following this crucial discovery, we began a series of careful investigations into the properties of the ground water. After sounding, various sample collection and numerous rigorous lab tests, we eventually reached an astonishing conclusion.

Under our very feet, we have a potentially unlimited supply of balanced pH level water that possesses the properties of some of the cleanest and purest water in the United States.

What makes the Kipton Quarry Spring Water special?

Millions of years ago, the glacial deposits spanning across Northern Ohio played a fundamental role in the enrichment of the soil in the region. They also created two of the largest basins in the state – the Ohio River and Lake Erie. Today, thanks to the glaciers, the Ohio residents enjoy one of the cleanest, purest fresh spring waters in the country.

Our Kipton Quarry boasts a rich deposit of earth minerals and several sandstone formations, unique to the region. Sand and gravel are an essential part of the water filtration process and the unique characteristics of the quarry mean that this process has been naturally occurring for millenia. These massive water supplies have been purified time and time again by slowly passing through the tiny crevices between sand and gravel particles.

Naturally filtrated and purified to a degree that even the most modern methods struggle to match, the spring water from Kipton Quarry provides a natural supply of sparkling clean water, without the use or need of chemicals, for everyone to enjoy.


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